“The Matriarch Adventure” with Catherine Edsell 25 September – 4 October 2023

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“The Matriarch Adventure” with Catherine Edsell 25 September – 4 October 2023 2022-05-15T14:31:24+10:00

“10 days, a group of women in the Namibian wilderness, tracking elusive desert elephants (the most iconic matriarchs there are), having an adventure, dawn yoga under huge flame-red skies, inspiration and singing round a camp fire, sleeping out under a myriad of stars, meeting with Namibian women and hearing their story…. and all else that expedition life has to offer.”


As an expedition leader I have led expeditions all over the world – I love it – I love the adventure, the challenge, the fact that in my small way I am hands-on contributing to wildlife conservation and biodiversity research, I love the freedom of it, the immersion in nature, the relationship with something bigger than myself, and the contrast to my daily life in the UK.

As a woman, and a mother, I notice the limitations we create around what we allow ourselves to do. We are always compromising, multi-tasking, taking the slack, holding the fort, and this is all great, except when we do this ALL the time, and don’t give ourselves even a few days to go off on our own, to re-connect with ourselves, to challenge ourselves physically, to marvel at the wonders of nature, to learn, to grow, and also to strip away, to get back to basics, to clear our thinking, and to change, where necessary, our mindset. When we even think about doing this we meet amazing resistance – particularly from ourselves, even if it’s what we actually really need.

So, one day, in conversation with a friend, the sparks started flying, and the idea of “The Matriarch Adventure” began to take shape…

Incredibly, we are now in the fifth imagining of this adventure! Each Matriarch Adventure is unique and we welcome you to bring your selves fully into this adventure. If you have any skills or ideas that you think will enhance the experience of the team please let me know!

What does a real adventure look like?

Day 1 – 25 September,
Transfer from the airport, arrive in Swakopmund and settle in at Hotel A La Mer with stunning views over the Atlantic ocean. Meet for an evening meal, and start to get to know each other. Get a good nights sleep, ready for the adventure ahead!

Day 2 – 26 September,
After breakfast, head off to base camp on the Ugab River and meet the EHRA (Elephant Human Relations Aid) team who work tirelessly to help conserve desert adapted elephants. Go through risk assessments, wildlife safety briefings, and overview of the week. Take an orientation nature walk through the red granite landscape, identifying animal tracks with our expert tracker. Enjoy a communal dinner round the camp fire then sleep on the tree platform under the stars.

Day 3 – 27 September,
After dawn yoga and breakfast, pack up vehicles and head off on elephant patrol, tracking desert elephants. Lunch and relaxation in the bush, make a wild camp in the evening around a huge camp fire, and sing traditional African songs as the sun sets. Embrace the simple life, and sleep under the stars.

Day 4 – 8 28 September, 29, 30, 1 Oct,
Due to the unpredictable nature and unknown location of the desert elephants, and in the spirit of true adventure, our next few days on expedition will combine trekking on foot and vehicle patrol, and will take us through areas of outstanding natural beauty as well as farmsteads and villages where we will have a chance to view elephants, and learn about their interaction with the local community. In addition to collecting valuable data, we will also have the chance to talk to local people, especially women, and learn a little about their lives. Some days will be less elephant focussed but allow us to experience the expansive beauty of this epic landscape as we explore its hidden treasures, and meet other iconic Namibian wildlife along the way. Treks will be challenging but rewarding, allowing us to explore incredible geological features, and witness monumental views. Every day we will either practice yoga, or meditate, and we will make time to continue our personal transformational journey. Each night we will make camp in the wilderness, eat around a camp fire, sing, share stories and sleep out under the stars.

Day 9 2 October
After watching the sunrise, and final bush breakfast, pack up camp and wend our way back to Swakopmund. Meet for final celebratory dinner at the Tug restaurant, and congratulate yourself for meeting all your challenges head on!

Day 10 3 October,
Final day – spend a while exploring the quaint town of Swakopmund. Head back to the airport and begin your journey home…

Twin share £2960 each  – speak to jeanw@glamgirlsluxtravels.com to reserve your spot


What’s included –

  • All expedition costs including: 

    ~ 7 nights sleeping under the stars

    ~ Delicious meals cooked on the campfire

    ~ Experienced elephant tracking team from EHRA

    ~ 4 x 4 transport in Land Cruisers

    ~ Insight into conservation practice

    ~ Daily dawn yoga and mindfulness sessions

    ~ Meeting with Namibian women – hearing their stories

  • Airport transfers

  • 2 nights’ hotel accommodation in Swakopmund

  • 2 evening meals and breakfasts in Swakopmund

Not included

  • Flights

  • Personal travel insurance

  • Beverages other than tea, coffee and water

  • Lunches whilst in Swakopmund

  • Tips for local staff