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‘I love Tokyo. If I had to eat only in one city for the rest of my life, Tokyo would be it.

Most chefs I know would agree with me.’

Anthony Bourdain

This tour is in colloboration with  Rachel Lang – she is an expert in Japanese culture and customs and boasts a vast network of Japanese contacts in travel, tourism and hospitality.

A fluent Japanese speaker who has worked as a professional interpreter and translator, Rachel is passionate about sharing her extensive local insight to deliver itineraries far removed from the standard tourist trail.

Day one 14 June 2022

Arrival in Tokyo – Highlights

Upon arrival, the group will be met by and English speaking driver, and transferred by a luxury van to the Blossom Hibiya – Tokyo

Located in the easily accessible Shibashi area, this lodging’s upper floor guestrooms enjoy a panoramic view of the city centre.

The traditional washi (Japanese paper) and the motif of our carpeting express the image inspired by the transitions of the four seasons and the history surrounding Hibiya. Here, you will find two distinctive types of rooms: double rooms in impressively muted colors and comfortable twin rooms in mild soothing colors. Each room features a luxurious bathroom with a washing area. You can enjoy your stay in a relaxed manner with panoramic views from the 19th floor and above.

We will enjoy our first food experience at the 2 Michelin Star establishment, – one of the hardest to access in the world! Sushi Amato

This exclusive Amoto is owned by Masamichi Amoto, talented chef who trained under Nagano-san at Michelin two star Sushi restaurant ‘Umi’ for 9 years.

His outstanidn point is that after finishing at ‘Umi’ he went to train at prestigious Japanese restaurants, such as ‘Gion Sasaki’ and ‘Shinoara’ to become an even better chef.

His trained skills and depth of knowledge are shown in the Tsumami with great selection. Now only taking reservations from regular customers or by invitation only.

The restaurant in Da’an District has only 12 seats around the solid cypress counter, and Amamoto offers an omakase menu that includes 12 pieces of nigiri that use seasonal fishes mostly from Kyushu, while the rice is cooked in natural spring water from Nagano.

Visiting Tokyo for the first time will change your life. It’s mesmerising, exciting and resolutely individual, an unrivalled parade of fashion, design, architecture and the best of both high culture and pop culture.

It’s a city of contrasts; whether you’re standing in the middle of the Shibuya scramble, a blur of pedestrians rushing past you while you try to snap that perfect crowd shot, or standing before a small shrine, quiet and contemplative, you will feel the intensity and multi-layered nature of this very special place.’

– Michelle Mackintosh, Steve Wide, Tokyo

Day two – 15 June 2022


Ramen – The Tokyo ramen world is effectively endless – if you eat at a different shop every day, by the time you finish them all, you will just have to start over, because hundreds of new shops will have opened, and hundreds of others will have closed or changed their names.

Amidst this mind-boggling quantity is a world-beating obsession with quality, as Tokyo’s top masters tirelessly experiment with new techniques and ingredients to carry the scene forward – all while keeping a reverent eye on Japanese tradition

We will visit a couple of the city’s best ramen shops to compare.

Wagyumafia – Members only

Wagyu beef could hardly be hotter in Tokyo these days. The richly marbled meat from Japan’s prize pampered cattle is drawing global gastronauts to some of the city’s most exclusive and expensive venues, none more so than Wagyumafia.

Whatever you think about the name – is it edgy, cynical, tongue-in-cheek, crass? – there’s no arguing about the quality of the cuts served by beef specialists Hisato Hamada and Takafumi Horie.

Originally in the beef export business, the brand was created following a series of private dinner pop-ups around the theme of wagyu. The duo later launched their first members-only restaurant, The WAGYUMAFIA Progressive Kaiseki, in Tokyo in 2016.


Tabelog Silver award winner Yoroniku is arguably the best Yakiniku restaurant in Japan. Here we will be served a special course designed just for us, and served by celebrity chef Vanne Kuwahara

“Look at London or Paris: they’re both filthy. You don’t get that in Tokyo. The proud residents look after their city.”

Tadao Ando

Day three – 16 June 2022


Toyosu Market – in 2018, Tokyo’s central wholesale market moved from its iconic Tsukiji location to this new facility in Toyosu. The early morning tuna auction and other parts of the market are visible from glass-walled viewing platforms. The upper floors have some shops and restaurants, including sushi counters, originally at Tsukiji.


With the leaping flames of a wood-fired oven and the wonderful aromas of seared wagyu steak, freshly baked ciabatta, and grilled seafood, take a front-row seat at Tacubo and be treated to deeply flavorful, seasonal Italian cuisine as you watch the chef’s skilful hands and admire the brilliant colors of seasonal Japanese produce.

The eight-person counter of smooth varnished wood is dotted with cute farm animals, over which you have full view of the kitchen, and two private rooms overlook a soft green bamboo garden. With the mesmerizing flames of the open oven, you breathe in to truly enjoy the aromas. Roasting meat, bread, herbs, vinegars – the sights and smells are mouth-watering. Anticipation builds as you see the busy chefs kneading dough, rolling pasta, checking the confit, and getting ready to pate.


‘Working in Tokyo has convinced me that, contrary to what people think, it is actually one of the world’s most beautiful cities.’

Tadao Ando

Day four – 17 June 2022


Isetan walking tour – located in the flagship Isetan Shinjuku, this basement food market is well organised, and easy to navigate; you can clearly see where one sections ends and another begins. It is one of Tokyo’s posher depachika, and home to Café Prunier Paris, where you can rest your feet while savouring the fine caviar and champagne. The fresh market area features tasting counters for you to try everything from ham and sausages to Japanese oden.

Yakitori Eiki

Owned and run by former apprentice of Torishiki’s Ikegawa san, master Kohei. Opening to rave reviews in 2019, Yakitori Eiki is now just as hard to secure a seat as Torishiki.

With its still-pristine cedarwood counter running three sides of the open kitchen, this is an impressive setting worthy of any high-end Tokyo restaurant. For a yakitori specialist — and that’s what Eiki offers, chicken simply cut, skewered and grilled — it verges on the sublime. But of course, as you will already have guessed, Eiki is no ordinary yakitoriya. It comes from an exalted lineage.

‘What do you need to know about Tokyo? Deep, deep waters. The first time I came here, it was a transformative experience. It was a powerful and violent experience. It was just like taking acid for the first time—meaning, What do I do now?

I see the whole world in a different way. I often compare the experience of going to Japan for the first time, going to Tokyo for the first time, to what Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend—the reigning guitar gods of England—must have gone through the week that Jimi Hendrix came to town.’

– Anthony Bourdain


Day five – 18 June 2022

Hakkoku – like a gust of wind, newly-opened Hakkoku breathes a fresh perspective to the sushi mecca of Ginza. It’s Sato’s firm belief that six is the maximum number of guests he can properly serve at one time. As you sit down, he gently hands over a piece of paper where he’s written down tall the fish he has selected for your liking. On some days, the list is as long as 30 different varieties. The level of personal attention and the variety of choices adds to to the truly indulgent experience.

CHEF – Hiroyuki Sato

Born into a family who ran a sushi restaurant, Sato grew up helping his father in the kitchen peeling shrimp and cutting seaweed. Despite this upbringing, he gradually moved away from the family business, spending most of his high school days jamming in a rock band. When he was 19, he began working for a western restaurant chain, piquing his interest in the dining industry.

Walking Street Food tour – explore the streets of Tokyo and savour some of the city’s best and most sought-after delicacies. This is your chance to eat and drink like a local.

‘I feel tranquility in Tokyo, even though it is the largest populated metropolitan area in the world. The feeling seems counterintuitive, yet Tokyo begs you to relax and enjoy each layer, facet or slice of whatever you may have stumbled upon, or booked months in advance – always in knowledge that you’re without a hope of ticking all boxes, even in a lifetime of tours.’

 – Michael Ryan, Luke Burgess, Only in Tokyo: Two Chefs, 24 hours, The Ultimate Food City 


Day six – 19 June 2022

Highlights Tempura Fukamachi

Fukamachi Tokyo is a 1-star Michelin tempura restaurant, considered one of the best in Japan and currently rated No. 1 on Tabelog. Chef Fukamachi runs the restaurant with his son, and serves Edo-mae style tempura where his tempura is thinly battered and lightly fried in order to preserve the original flavours of the ingredients.

Included Meals*

Date(s) City Restaurant Location & Type Meal

 June 14 Tokyo Sushi Restaurant D

June 15 Tokyo Ramen L

June 15 Tokyo Wagyu Restaurant D

June 16 Tokyo Brunch at markets B

June 16 Tokyo Tacubo D

June 16 Tokyo Tea Ceremony

June 17 Tokyo Yakitori D

June 18 Tokyo Sushi lunch L

June 18 Tokyo Street food tour D

June 19 Tokyo Tempura L

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