It’s your turn to visit Morocco 4 – 14 October’2024

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Project Description

Morocco remains a curious anomaly: peaceful – it continues to conjure up images of its romantic past very easily – many famous have walked where we will walk.

Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens, Frank Zappa and Janis Joplin all had stories to make in the North African kingdom of Morocco. Brad Pitt turned up wearing a traditional robe in the walled old town, Eddie Redmayne charmed staff at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum with his cheeriness and perfect manners. Madonna, packed her bags in the medina to celebrate her 60th birthday. British legendary footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria celebrated his 40th birthday in Marrakech, Eva Longoria, former members of the Spice Girls, Tom Cruise, Gordon Ramsay, aah, the list goes on and on.

It’s your turn to visit Morocco…

This tour takes in the romantic Art Deco city of Casablanca, the fortified seaside town of Essaouira, Tangiers, a Moroccan gem perched on the Strait of Gibraltar, which has long been a cultural melting pot, its buildings a testament to the myriad influences and then, the brilliance blush pink ramparts of ancient shopping medinas of Marrakech.

Bring an empty suitcase!

Morocco has provided a refuge for artists and writers for generations, and it remains an exotic destination for many curious travelers. The country has been influenced by an incredible variety of peoples–Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Berbers, Muslims, Jews, and most of Europe’s colonizers have played a role.

4 – 14 October’ 2024

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