‘Embracing Happiness’  in Japan

15 – 27 March’ 2025

March is chilly but comfortable. The temperature averages out at 9.4℃ (48.9℉), with highs of 14.2℃ (57.6℉) and lows of 5℃ (41℉)

Plum blossoms bloom in parts of central Japan and further north and cherry blossoms start blooming in Tokyo and other warmer locations to herald the start of spring proper.

Our tour takes in Tokyo, Kyoto,

and Okinawa

One of five Blue Zones, and home to the world’s longest-lived women

and we’ll discover true happiness.. oh the joy!


What is true happiness?

Happiness is sharing a journey and making friends for life, together.

Happiness is having a group of friends, with whom you can have meaningful conversations, who can help you make those shopping decisions, laugh together, and share a meal together

Happiness is getting away from ‘it all’.. removing yourself from your house – identifying your interests – becoming more curious, being fully engaged in others interests and all this helps with your own happiness.

Happiness is becoming likeable – some are born that way, others have to learn how to become likeable, flexible, and traveling with a group of self minded ladies, helps us become likeable.

Traveling together means you have others to think of, not only ourselves.

Happiness is moving – physical activity, walking, etc, and this in turn, boosts happiness, and helps one sleep better.  We’ll not do a marathon whilst on tour, I add.. but we’ll walk and be active, daily, and guaranteed, we’ll sleep well, (and eat well) for at least seven hours every night.

Happiness is being able to focus on meaningful things, and set goals, and on tour, we’ll have time to set some new goals, and dreams, and focus on what’s important in life, like good eating, and long life and exercise.

One big observation about happiness and it’s benefits, is one cannot do it alone – to use the old clichéit takes a village!

So we need each other on tour!

3 nights Tokyo

3 nights Kyoto

3 nights Okinawa

There’s only place for x 8 and already I have a list!