and then Morocco in October 2019 – oh my! That was a brilliant journey (added heart) #blessedJeanie!

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and then Morocco in October 2019 – oh my! That was a brilliant journey (added heart) #blessedJeanie!

Our tour started and ended in Casablanca.. we choose only fabulous hotels, and Riads.. one proved very problematic due to the stairs, without rails, and no door locks… note to self!

This group of strangers from Sydney, New Zealand, South Africa, Brisbane, Beijing soon bonded to become life time buddies – the joys of travels! Oh what joy it brings me as well, to see the ladies find new friendships, and keep in touch, long after the trip is over!

Here’s a glimpse.. again.. 10,000 images..

Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Marrakech, Essaouira and back to Casablanca..

the Mighty Atlas mountains in the background..fabulous lemon olive chicken cookery class we did in Marrakech

our Riad in Fes dinner at Youssef’s mom’s house.. a legend! drinks at Le Mamoumia – Marrakech the gorgeous & glamourous ElFenn Essaouira – sea side relaxing spot.. deep breathing out.. those huge doors that didn’t have locks on, remain etched in our hearts with safe memories,

our wonderful desert experience  and our photo shoot.. and then the camel that became amorous with darling Renata  that blue.. that magical magical Majorelle blu.. x delightful shopping treats .. and many miles walked together..  from get go, to end, fabulous hotels, agreed girls?  market places that hum with life and smoke  charming rose givers  always look up.. and glam up.. there’s no reason in life not to mmm.. prickly pears, juicy so juicy..  our great two Mohommed’s – thanks guys for looking after us so well..  mosaics, and fountains, fabulous travel companions these ladies were,

Moi, Renata, Rossie, Di, Galit, Leah, Sue and Vicki – pure delight.. x

more shopping, shopping, shopping shopping shopping, all shopped out! colors to fill our hearts with..  walking amongst Volubulis Ruins, where once stood a city.. but wonderful to see the Stork nesting here again..  charming Riads  sea gulls in on the photo.. love visiting Essouriora  Just fabulous! 

A few of my highlights?.. sardine lunch in Marrakech with Galit and Leah, shopping in the Souks with Renata, Visiting YSL garden with Di, relaxed before dinner drinks with my friend Rossie, meeting and getting to know new friends from New Zealand, Sue and Vicki, and travelling with Lynne from Beijing.. but there were many, many more.. our accommodation was supreme. Our guides were knowledgeable and not boring.. the targine that Youssef’s mom cooked for us was mind changing! Finding the best shoe shop in Marrakech, why did I only buy 3 pairs? .. but hopefully we’ll be back in 2022.. yes.. dreams come true again!

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